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From Greenwich to Transylvania to a Haunted Mansion you're protected.

The artisans at Global Effects have been working with armor for over 25 years. We’ve spent hundreds of hours wearing armor, acting in it and actually fighting in it. As a result we can make armor exactly like the original; comfortable, easy to put on and light weight. Add to that the years of experience of making functional costumes for Hollywood and you get the perfect fit.

We put Gary Oldman, as Count Dracula in blood red, fantasy armor. We built a replica of ornate 16th century Greenwich armor. Eight different armors from our collection were used in the 2003 Eddy Murphy film “Haunted Mansion”.

If we don’t have the exact armor or weapon you need, ask about the Global Effects manufacture to rent option. Tell us what the project calls for and we will manufacture it, rent it to you and when done return it to the Global Effects rental inventory.

We’re Global and Details Matter.

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