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As the world’s top producer of rental spacesuits Global Effects is widely known for having the best quality and most accurate spacesuit replicas on this planet and others.

While manufacturing hundreds of suits of all types for over 20 years we have perfected the art of a safe, comfortable costume for your talent, combined with the most authentic costume for your audience. In 1998 the producer’s, of HBO’s “From the Earth to the Moon” put it best; “What we want are costumes that look like real spacesuits, not spacesuits that are trying to work as costumes.” That’s exactly what Global Effects delivered.

Our highest quality, super detailed suits come with an on set technician, to insure the efficiency of your shoot days as well as the safety and comfort of your talent. We even offer our Academy Award winning (1991) “Cool Suit” to maximize shooting time and minimize actor heat fatigue. We have also assisted dozens of the world’s rigging specialists who have never flown a spacesuit. Global’s experienced staff will walk you thru the things to avoid as well as supply special hardware to make sure you get the shots you need on the day you need them.

Currently, we have over 180 spacesuits in stock and are adding to our collection all the time. We have complete sets of authentic suits representing all of the US space missions from Mercury to Apollo to NASA’s future return to the moon, as well as a variety of Russian suits. When you need costumes, “Not of This Earth”, we have dozens of futuristic and science fiction style suits. Global also has exacting replicas of much of the support equipment, mission tools and replica space vehicles to complete your scene. Remember if we don’t have it we can make it.

The depth of our knowledge led to the manufacture of actual, functional, go to space spacesuits. We have built suits and suit components for NASA (both training and functional), The Smithsonian, the Challenger Learning Center and a majority of the top Hollywood space films in the last 20 years.

For more information give the rental department a call at 818-503-9273 or email us at Better still come by for a visit and explore all we have to offer. If we don’t have the style you need, let us create the next icon for you.

We’re Global and Details Matter.

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