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Argo Zingbot yourself.

Rental inventory on these pages cover a host of oddball, one of a kind, hard to find items. Global Effects is building these categories largely thru our manufacture for rental option.

The hit television show “Big Brother” has used one of our robots every season since 2012. Named Zingbot 9000 for the show, this robot originally was made by Global Effects, with the rental option for a Japanese commercial. Another robot from the same commercial was modified and repainted for the movie “Argo” also in 2012.

In addition to robots, all sorts of creatures can be found at Global Effects from a giant rat or penguin to a slimy swamp monster to scores of aliens from several distant galaxies.

Our effects can be seen or not seen in several productions. The flaming skull effect for Nicholas Cage in the 2007 movie “Ghost Rider” a LED skull cap was used to give the proper flaming reflections in the objects in the shot. Our full LED body suit was used for the same reason on Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan in “The Watchmen” from 2009.

We even offer our Academy Award winning (1991) “Cool Suit” to maximize shooting time and minimize actor heat fatigue.

Tell us what you are missing and our shop will make it, rent it to you and return it to our rental stock.

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Better still come by for a visit, you never know what effect it might have.

Details Matter.

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