The devil is in the details, thousands of them.

To suspend disbelief in these genres every detail plays an important part. Global Effects Rental has dozens of different helmets to choose from the “make my star look heroic”, or sinister super villain to the down right weird looking. Other props run from the generic spacesuit backpack to the unique, like our “Brazil” respirator. And no sci-fi adventure would be complete without some kind of a weapon, check out our blasters.

Finding enough props that look like they belong belong together and help tell the story can be a real challenge for a property master. With 30 years of accumulated props, both bought and manufactured, GlobalEffects is the best place to to begin any quest.

We make almost all of our sci-fi and fantasy props. If you can’t locate the exact details to complete your world, we offer a manufacture-rental option. From the casting of blasters to the sewing of back packs, to vacuum forming helmets, Global Effects Rental is ready for you and we make it easy.
When you need just the right detail for your project, on time and on budget, call us for a quote. (818) 503-9273, or email us at

Details matter.

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