Period-Historic Prop Rental

Perfect period props, period.

Global Effects Rental inventory covers scores of different periods and civilizations, that’s why we’re the go-to source of period-historic props for over thirty years. From onion tops to fluted kettles to fish tails to the gold coins for the 1985 hit “Goonies”, we have thousands of prop treasures of every description.

The combination of our experience, our historic museum contacts and an extensive reference library have made us the go-to prop house for centuries worth of details. We have worked with hundreds of productions around the world providing props with just the right feel.

If you can’t locate the exact details to complete the vision, we offer a manufacture for rent option.

To take you back in time call the rental department at 818-503-9273 or email us at Better still come by for a visit and check out the history, you never know where it might take you.

Details Matter.

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